How to show Evidence of Contact and Living Together


You may need to provide proof of contact to show you have had communication with someone relevent to your application.

This can include communication via text, phone call, social media or email.
It also includes proof that you live with that person, for example: both your names are on bills and letters, sharing a tenancy agreement, signing a mortgage etc.


Please make sure all your documents are in date order when you send them.


All evidence of contact must include:


  • Names 
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates
  • Usernames/handles (for social media)

Living together 

  • Dates
  • Names
  • Address


Call Logs

Calls logs can provide evidence of phone calls between you and the relevant person. 

Make sure to include the time and date, and to highlight the contact you are proving communication with.

screenshot of phone log
screenshot of a phone log
Name & Number

Show the contact name and telephone number

phone contact info page
Contact via Social Media

You can show proof of communication via social media messages. 


Make sure to include the person’s username or social media ‘handle’ for example: @aliwizz


All messages should show dates and times.

social media messages

Proof of Living Together

Addresses & Post

You must provide 6 items of post addressed to both you and your family member or partner at the same address.

For example: utility bills, letters from government departments or agencies, letters from GP or doctor, letters from school, council tax, tenancy agreement


The evidence must show you have been living together since your last grant of leave OR for the past 2 years if this is your first period of leave in this country.

The dates of evidence should be spread even over the whole period you are giving evidence for.

They should be from at least 3 different sources.


If you do not have enough evidence that shows both names per item of evidence, you can provide separate evidence. They need to show names and the same address.

house and keys
utility bill

Example: Utility Bill (internet)

The document must show both names and the address.

It must also include the date of the bill.

Once you have gathered all of the evidence needs for the application, you will need to record and send it to your caseworker. This page shows you how to use a photocopier & scanner, how to printscreen pages from your computer and phone, and how to electroncially send documents to your caseworker.