How to write a

Witness Statement

Man making written notes
All Witness Statements Must Include:

Name of author (person who is writing the statement)

Address of author


Full names of any person mentioned

Location details

Date of event mentioned

Signed by the author 

All witness statements must be sent with a copy of the author’s identification 


This is an example of a witness statement. 


Liza needs to provide evidence of her relationship with her husband Mo.

Ahmed is Liza’s cousin and he attended her wedding to Mo. Ahmed is providing a witness statement to confirm the wedding event. It is important that Ahmed provides details about the date and location of the wedding. These details need to match the details of Liza and Mo.

Ahmed has also provided evidence of visiting Liza and Mo in their home in Idlib. It is important to add as much detail as possible to help Liza’s application. Ahmed has included Liza and Mo’s address and the dates that he visited. 

To confirm these dates, Ahmed can provide proof of texts and phone calls that arrange the meeting.

Proof of contact Guide

Friday 23rd October 2020

29  Main Street


RH10 0FL


My name is Ahmed Atif, I am Liza Dullah’s cousin and I attended her wedding on the 1st April 2018 at The Docorium in Idlib. The wedding started at 1pm and ended at 4pm. 

Since the wedding I visited Liza and Mo at their home in Idlib three times on the following dates:

12th May 2018

2nd October 2018

31st December 2018

I can provide texts to prove these visits. I can confirm Liza and Mo live together at 01 02/0091 Rue Yosef, Al Azamah no.25, 06/Saroufa, 23 Idlib, Syrian Arub rep.

Once you have gathered all of the evidence needs for the application, you will need to record and send it to your caseworker. This page shows you how to use a photocopier & scanner, how to printscreen pages from your computer and phone, and how to electroncially send documents to your caseworker.