How to gather Financial Evidence

looking at finances

Financial evidence proves what money you have, and where it is coming from.

Bank statements

You must include statements from all accounts you hold. Even if the accounts are empty or have not been used in a long time.

The statements must be from the last 6 months.

The end date on the statement must be as close as possible to the date that you provide your bank statements to your caseworker. All bank statements must end within 28 days of the date of application. For example, if you give your bank statements to your caseworker on the 30th October, the latest date from the bank statement must not be before the 2nd of October. Your caseworker may ask you to send additional bank statements.

Bank statements must be authorised and stamped by the bank. Ask your bank to print and stamp your bank statements.


Bills are any outgoing charges you have from a company that provides a service.

For example:

  • Gas & electric
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Phone bill
  • Council tax 


You need to provide copies of any physical or online bills and receipts for these payments. You must provide proof of the bill even if you have not or cannot pay it.


Incoming and outgoing money

If you have received or sent out money to anyone over the amount of £50 you must explain it.


You must provide a witness statement confirming:

  • The amount of money
  • Who the money was sent to/from
  • Why this transaction happened
  • What is the specific reason for the money, for example: loan, gift.
  • When the money is going to be returned

The witness statement must include full names of everyone involved, the relationship between the people involved, it must be signed, dated and include a copy of their identification.

Section 17 support

If you are receiving section 17 support, you must provide a letter from your social worker confirming:

  • How much money you are receiving
  • What accommodation is being provided
  • When this support began
  • How much money you receive per week or month
  • Why you are receiving this support
  • Whether the support can continue

Once you have gathered all of the evidence needs for the application, you will need to record and send it to your caseworker. This page shows you how to use a photocopier & scanner, how to printscreen pages from your computer and phone, and how to electroncially send documents to your caseworker.